Treating Chronic Pain Using Medical Marijuana



Chronic pain is the kind of pain that lasts for more than three months and can range from mild to excruciating and incapacitating.  Chronic pains depend on an individual in some people it’s unceasing while in others it can be periodic. Some symptoms of intermittent pain include sleeplessness due to pain discomfort, unceasing fatigue due to inadequate sleep, compromised immune system, mood swings such as irritability, fear, and depression, restricted physical abilities, among many others. Most chronic pains have a definite causative factor. See cbd chronic pain if you constantly suffer from chronic pain.

Chronic pain is usually controlled with analgesics which may have adverse effects on the patients’ health. Luckily for people with chronic pain, the recent research has proved that the condition can be treated using medical marijuana and it has no known side effects to the health of the patient. THC and other cannabinoids have shown the acute response to painful stimuli. MMJ is very useful in easing chronic pain especially the pain which is caused by inflammation and nerve damage.  Several patients who have experienced amputation have confirmed that using MMJ to relieve their peripheral nerve pain has worked for them. Check out CannabisMD for more information on this.

Medical marijuana eases the pain by blocking the pathways in the central nervous system.  For proper efficacy, a patient with chronic pain can combine MMJ and opiates to work as analgesic medication as they work in different ways to relieve pain. To reduce inflammation on injured tissues around damaged nerves, a patient can use MMJ. If you have a compressed nerve, you need to undergo an operation to relieve the pain by freeing up the compressed nerve. After healing you may develop scar tissue on the nerve which may result to persistent leg pain which cannot be treated by another surgical process, but the pain can be relieved by treating it with medical cannabis.

Peripheral neuropathy due to diabetes, HIV, post-surgical scarring are some health issues that have responded well to the treatment of MMJ. THC has been effective in treating phantom pain with amputees, neuralgias, causalgia among others.  Medical cannabis has also been useful in relieving terminal cancer pain. The use of MMJ in cancer patients suppresses the growth of cancerous tumors in some types of cancer. Medical marijuana not only alleviates pain but it can also treat nausea which is caused by the usage of Opioid Medication. Medical marijuana contains more percentage of cannabinoids than Marinol therefore when inhaled it offers patients immediate relief as the cannabinoid is absorbed into the blood system immediately.


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